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Wifi Canarias - Internet Providers In Tenerife

Wifi Canarias - Internet Providers In Tenerife
Business Phone: 003460027035 / 0034 902 881 061 Business Fax: n/a
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Do you want to access the Internet but can not? ADSL will not come to your home?

Do you have problems with your existing ADSL provider and need a solution fast?

Are you tired of the poor service offered by your internet or telephone provider?

Canary WiFi works for you bringing broadband wherever needed. As a telecommunications comany we are creating the largest WiFi network in the Canary Islands, now covered in most of Tenerife and the municipality of San Bartolome, Lanzarote.

Canarias WiFi Internet Air is faster and more reliable than any connection Internet-based USB stick from any operator, without the problems of coverage you have with that system.

How it works

Canary WiFi has a range of repeater stations located at strategic points. These stations are those that provide wireless coverage in the 5GHz ISM band which is captured by customers thanks to a small receiving device, installed on each client's home and is connected directly to a PC or a WiFi access point inside by means of a cable UTP network.

How many computers I can connect?

Canary WiFi included in the price of installing everything necessary to connect a home computer, portable or desktop computer. To connect more computers is necessary to use a switch or a wireless access point. The price of a mouth switch 5 is 20 € and one of only 26 € 8 months.

Can I have WIFI indoors?

Yes, just need a wireless access point. Canary WiFi supplies and installs a kit which includes 54Mbps Wireless Router with 4 mouths Switch for only 50 €.

Are there any limitations?

You can use your connection to what you want, as long as you want. Only keep in check the number of TCP connections to prevent programs like eMule, Ares, BitTorrent and other P2P may affect the quality of the network. However, these programs will work correctly without tighter than this. Remember that downloading copyright protected content is illegal.

What is the maximum speed?

The Canary Islands offer WiFi connections for residential users from 1 to 8Mbps.

It is also possible to hire speeds above 8Mbps using what we call connections added, "that is, in blocks of 8Mbps (16, 24 or 32Mbps). Consult us.

What is the difference WiFi Internet Air Canary other solutions?

The most important differences are:

No phone line needed

Easy installation and maintenance

Faster than other USB solutions / GSM / UMTS

This is what BPtenerife had to say about our system...

" I have had problems at the offices for years, with the poor quality from Telefonica, this has just given my company a new lease of life, with faster working connections, more productivity and no interruption of service, first class, this will really take off"

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  arona, Tenerife Sur, Tenerife

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