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Business Pages Tenerife is Tenerife's biggest business directory for English speaking residents.

Business Pages Tenerife provides business numbers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, bridging residents and visitors to every established business in Tenerife. If you need a telephone number for a local service or business you can rely on

If you own a business in Tenerife you are entitled to a business listing online and in the published directory, follow this link to register your business now.

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Building and Construction in Tenerife [4710]

Air Conditioning and Ventilation in Tenerife [99], Interiors in Tenerife [336], ... All Building and Construction in Tenerife companies

Business Services in Tenerife [6913]

Hire & Rental in Tenerife [546], Telcomms & Telephones in Tenerife [187], ... All Business Services in Tenerife companies

Cat Boarding [734]

Pets in Tenerife [220], Holiday Services in Tenerife [514], ... All Cat Boarding companies

Communication in Tenerife [1589]

Audio-Visual in Tenerife [54], Displays, Signs & Posters in Tenerife [61], ... All Communication in Tenerife companies

Computers and the Internet in Tenerife [484]

Internet in Tenerife [126], Computers in Tenerife [358], ... All Computers and the Internet in Tenerife companies

Education and Employment in Tenerife [573]

Employment Services in Tenerife [29], Primary & Secondary Education in Tenerife [174], ... All Education and Employment in Tenerife companies

Entertainment in Tenerife [5303]

Visual Arts in Tenerife [54], Dancing in Tenerife [60], ... All Entertainment in Tenerife companies

Financial in Tenerife [1514]

Debt in Tenerife [0], Banks and Building Societies in Tenerife [242], ... All Financial in Tenerife companies

Food and Drink in Tenerife [3565]

Food & Drink Supplies in Tenerife [401], Eating out in Tenerife [889], ... All Food and Drink in Tenerife companies

Gardening in Tenerife [858]

Water Features in Tenerife [19], Garden Tools & Supplies in Tenerife [497], ... All Gardening in Tenerife companies

Health and Beauty in Tenerife [4195]

Hair in Tenerife [617], Mental Health in Tenerife [130], ... All Health and Beauty in Tenerife companies

House and Home in Tenerife [11384]

Kitchens in Tenerife [107], Heating in Tenerife [162], ... All House and Home in Tenerife companies

Insurance Services in Tenerife [405]

Insurance in Tenerife [405], ... All Insurance Services in Tenerife companies

Legal and The Law in Tenerife [638]

Legal in Tenerife [467], The Law in Tenerife [171], ... All Legal and The Law in Tenerife companies

Leisure and Hobbies in Tenerife [2418]

Arts and Crafts in Tenerife [262], Further Education & Training in Tenerife [227], ... All Leisure and Hobbies in Tenerife companies

Manufacturers and Engineers in Tenerife [993]

Packaging in Tenerife [13], Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing in Tenerife [31], ... All Manufacturers and Engineers in Tenerife companies

Media in Tenerife [786]

Publishing in Tenerife [126], Advertising, Promotions and Marketing in Tenerife [202], ... All Media in Tenerife companies

Motoring in Tenerife [2182]

Repairs, Recovery & Servicing in Tenerife [340], Buying a Car in Tenerife [281], ... All Motoring in Tenerife companies

Property [3991]

Guest House [3], Night Club [0], Studio Apartment [12], Apartment Duplex [41], ... All Available Property

Public and Social Services in Tenerife [4477]

Emergency Services in Tenerife [22], Funerals & Bereavement in Tenerife [60], ... All Public and Social Services in Tenerife companies

Shops in Tenerife [4075]

Flowers & Gifts in Tenerife [261], Health Shops in Tenerife [333], ... All Shops in Tenerife companies

Sports in Tenerife [773]

Skating Sports in Tenerife [0], Activities for Children in Tenerife [142], ... All Sports in Tenerife companies

Tourism in Tenerife [2157]

Activities for Children in Tenerife [142], Holiday Accomodation in Tenerife [1182], ... All Tourism in Tenerife companies

Transport in Tenerife [601]

Water Transport in Tenerife [204], Air Transport in Tenerife [56], ... All Transport in Tenerife companies

Weddings in Tenerife [2726]

Wedding Photos & Videos in Tenerife [32], Wedding Planning in Tenerife [407], ... All Weddings in Tenerife companies

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Whats new in Tenerife, The Canary Islands and Europe

Previous PageBelow you will find up to date news and information regarding Tenerife, The Canary Islands and Europe from the following websites: Janet Anscombe In Tenerife and BBC News Europe.

Latest Tenerife News Stories from Janet Anscombe In Tenerife ...

German walker dies in Teide national park

Photo: 1-1-2 Canarias Emergency services including two helicopters were in action this lunchtime in rescue efforts for a German walker who suffered a heart attack while  hiking in the Teide national park. Sadly, the efforts of SUC paramedics and a GES search and rescue team were in vain, and the man died this afternoon. ..

Guía de Isora’s 5-star luxury hotels

Update 18 December 2014: It’s been some seven years in the pipeline, but Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento is today ecstatic after the 5* Villa de Erques hotel project has been unblocked. The hotel, which will be just inside the municipality’s boundary near the Marazul complex, will supplement Guia de Isora’s exclusive 5* hotel market, complementing the Abama and Melía hotels which straddle Playa San Juan and Alcalá respectively. National private investors have now committed to t ..

Shhhh … new Citizens Security Law will fine insult or abuse against Spain and its “officials”

Update 18 December 2014: This new law, called the “ley mordaza” (gag law) was passed last week despite opponents saying that it would take Spain back fifty years. Such arguments together with public protests saw off the proposed strict abortion law, but one aspect of this new law is that such public protests will now be subject to fines of up to €600,000! That is the fine prescribed for unauthorized protests outside “public service” buildings. Apart from restricting  ..

Boxing Day piano concert in Los Cristianos

Hungarian concert pianist Krisztina Fejes will be performing in the Infanta Leonor auditorium in Los Cristianos on Boxing Day, Friday 26 December. Tickets for the concert, which starts at 8.30pm, cost €8 and are available Monday to Friday between 9am and 2pm from the Los Cristianos Centro Cultural, or from the auditorium box office from two hours before the concert on the day itself. The programme is: Béla Bartók Fifteen Hungarian Peasant Songs Sz.71, BB 79 Fréderic Chopin Grande valse br ..

Draft regulation for private letting

The Statute of Autonomy of the Canaries, approved by Law 10/1982, 10 August, article 30.21 grants the Canaries exclusive jurisdiction over its tourism. Canarian tourism law 7/1995, approved within the framework of exclusive jurisdiction and exercise of legislative power, which in its present form, provides that tourist accommodation services will be offered within hotel and extra-hotel definitions, and that the Canarian government would regulate the types of establishments as so defined. This le ..

European news from the BBC ...

Aer Lingus rejects bid by BA owner

British Airways owner IAG says that Irish carrier Aer Lingus has rejected its takeover offer.

VIDEO: 'Russian bear' rattles its chains

Russian President Vladimir Putin blames what he calls "outside factors" for the falling value of the rouble.

EU court gives UK visa direction

The UK cannot block non-EU family members coming to the country from Europe without a travel permit, European judges say.

North Sea oil sector near 'collapse'

The director of Premier Oil says no new North Sea projects are profitable with oil below $60 a barrel and the industry is "close to collapse".

Swiss interest rate to turn negative

Switzerland's National Bank will bring in a negative interest rate cutting the value of any money left on deposit in the country.

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