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Business Pages Tenerife is Tenerife's biggest business directory for English speaking residents.

Business Pages Tenerife provides business numbers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, bridging residents and visitors to every established business in Tenerife. If you need a telephone number for a local service or business you can rely on

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Building and Construction in Tenerife [4709]

Utilities in Tenerife [245], Heating and Installation in Tenerife [157], ... All Building and Construction in Tenerife companies

Business Services in Tenerife [6911]

Legal in Tenerife [468], Office Equipment in Tenerife [197], ... All Business Services in Tenerife companies

Cat Boarding [735]

Pets in Tenerife [221], Holiday Services in Tenerife [514], ... All Cat Boarding companies

Communication in Tenerife [1597]

Internet in Tenerife [130], Computers in Tenerife [360], ... All Communication in Tenerife companies

Computers and the Internet in Tenerife [490]

Internet in Tenerife [130], Computers in Tenerife [360], ... All Computers and the Internet in Tenerife companies

Education and Employment in Tenerife [578]

Childcare in Tenerife [146], Primary & Secondary Education in Tenerife [175], ... All Education and Employment in Tenerife companies

Entertainment in Tenerife [5296]

Music in Tenerife [164], Nights In in Tenerife [199], ... All Entertainment in Tenerife companies

Financial in Tenerife [1515]

Legal in Tenerife [468], Banks and Building Societies in Tenerife [240], ... All Financial in Tenerife companies

Food and Drink in Tenerife [3575]

Eating out in Tenerife [884], Food Shops in Tenerife [803], ... All Food and Drink in Tenerife companies

Gardening in Tenerife [867]

Water Features in Tenerife [19], Paving in Tenerife [124], ... All Gardening in Tenerife companies

Health and Beauty in Tenerife [4215]

Looking Beautiful in Tenerife [147], Tattoos & Piercing in Tenerife [24], ... All Health and Beauty in Tenerife companies

House and Home in Tenerife [11390]

Bathrooms in Tenerife [128], Heating in Tenerife [161], ... All House and Home in Tenerife companies

Insurance Services in Tenerife [407]

Insurance in Tenerife [407], ... All Insurance Services in Tenerife companies

Legal and The Law in Tenerife [639]

The Law in Tenerife [171], Legal in Tenerife [468], ... All Legal and The Law in Tenerife companies

Leisure and Hobbies in Tenerife [2430]

Further Education & Training in Tenerife [229], Clubs in Tenerife [115], ... All Leisure and Hobbies in Tenerife companies

Manufacturers and Engineers in Tenerife [1004]

Packaging in Tenerife [13], Fuel Manufacturing in Tenerife [8], ... All Manufacturers and Engineers in Tenerife companies

Media in Tenerife [783]

Photographic Services & Equipment in Tenerife [329], Photographers in Tenerife [33], ... All Media in Tenerife companies

Motoring in Tenerife [2185]

Hiring a Car in Tenerife [396], Learning to Drive in Tenerife [102], ... All Motoring in Tenerife companies

Property [3992]

Chalet [15], Finca to be restored [1], Night Club [0], Snack Bar [1], ... All Available Property

Public and Social Services in Tenerife [4488]

Environment & Conservation in Tenerife [38], Health Professions in Tenerife [939], ... All Public and Social Services in Tenerife companies

Shops in Tenerife [4081]

Stationary in Tenerife [9], Clothes Shops in Tenerife [415], ... All Shops in Tenerife companies

Sports in Tenerife [806]

Activities for Children in Tenerife [147], Adventure Sports in Tenerife [74], ... All Sports in Tenerife companies

Tourism in Tenerife [2166]

Days Out in Tenerife [312], Camping and Caravanning in Tenerife [13], ... All Tourism in Tenerife companies

Transport in Tenerife [597]

Storage in Tenerife [29], Water Transport in Tenerife [208], ... All Transport in Tenerife companies

Weddings in Tenerife [2729]

Decorations in Tenerife [188], Special Event Transport in Tenerife [115], ... All Weddings in Tenerife companies

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Whats new in Tenerife, The Canary Islands and Europe

Previous PageBelow you will find up to date news and information regarding Tenerife, The Canary Islands and Europe from the following websites: Janet Anscombe In Tenerife and BBC News Europe.

Latest Tenerife News Stories from Janet Anscombe In Tenerife ...

The Brexit post: Spanish foreign minister says Brits in Spain would remain welcome in case of no-deal Brexit

The following are updates (latest first) on the current situation while Brexit negotiations take place. At present nothing is confirmed, with everything still to be determined through the two-year process. Please also see HERE for general thoughts on the situation of British residents of Tenerife. Updated 23 October: In an interview on BBC1’s Andrew Marr show, Spanish foreign minister Alfonso Dastis said that British residents in Spain would be allowed to continue living in the country e ..

Body found in Teide National Park

A body was found in the Teide National Park this morning. The grim discovery was made at an altitude of 3,000m and the Guardia Civil and GES search and rescue teams have been involved in its recovery. It is considered likely that it is the missing Tenerife athlete Victor Teni who disappeared while training in 2014, but as yet there is no firm confirmation of the body’s identity. ..

Summer 2017 weather: will next week’s calima be summer’s “one last blast”?!

Photo: Sanidad. Updated 20 October: Well, the last calima wasn’t the last blast of summer after all, and it seems we can expect another one next week again. The weekend might see quite a bit of cloud and even a spot of rain in some parts, especially in the north, but  it won’t last and the wind will start strengthening with temperatures starting to rise from Sunday.  Meteorologists say this one won’t be as strong as the last, but thermometers should record 30º easily throu ..

Canarias Folk Fest – most Thursdays in Los Cristianos from November to March

Arona Ayuntamiento has announced one of its regular series of Canarias Folk Fests in the Plaza de La Pescadora on the harbour promenade in Los Cristianos. Typical Canarian foods, arts and crafts will all be on display, with a traditional Christmas market, music, dancing, etc. The markets start at 4pm, and evening entertainment around 8.30pm, and as the poster shows there will be several of these events a month over the whole Christmas period, running every Thursday from 16 November to 14 Decemb ..

Winter flu vaccination campaign 2017

Canarian health department Sanidad’s 2017 winter flu vaccination campaign has started, with vaccinations available from health centres from this coming Monday, 23 October. Sanidad says that it will not cease in its efforts to continue to increase the numbers covered by the vaccine, especially among the most vulnerable, and reminds the public that even though there has not been an epidemic in the last few years, hospital A&E units are still overwhelmed each winter with numbers needin ..

European news from the BBC ...

Russia radio presenter stabbed in neck

Moscow police arrest a man who stabbed and seriously wounded a top Russian radio journalist.

Catalonia Spain: Officials 'won't follow orders from Madrid'

The warning comes as the Spanish government moves to reassert control over the region's authorities.

UK business leaders unite in Brexit warning

Britain's five biggest business lobby groups unite to call for swift action on transition plans.

German 'far-right' gunman jailed for life in Nuremberg

A German man linked to far-right extremists gets life in jail for killing a policeman in Bavaria.

Police 'end' UK bowling alley siege

Two hostages were held by a suspected gunman in an incident police say was not terror-related.

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